What is Meson Network? Information about MSN Token

The DePin sector is poised for explosive growth in 2024 - 2025 alongside AI and RWA. One DePin project that has attracted significant investor interest is Meson Network. So, what is Meson Network? Is the MSN Token worth investing in? Let's find out!

What Is Meson Network

What is Meson Network?

Meson Network is a project in the DePin space, focusing on mining and trading network bandwidth based on blockchain technology. To achieve this, Meson Network incentivizes users to utilize their surplus bandwidth, creating a novel marketplace where they can earn money from their own resources without relying on any intermediaries.

What is Meson Network?
What is Meson Network?

The key principle underlying Meson Network’s operation is to empower users with complete control over the bandwidth resources they own. This forms a fair, decentralized, tamper-proof marketplace where users can provide fast download speed services for video content, music, and digital data.

How does Meson Network work?

Meson Network offers three main products:

  • CDN & GatewayX: Content Distribution Network (CDN) and decentralized gateway system, based on Meson’s node network, providing efficient content delivery services.
  • GaGa Node: Decentralized cloud computing platform, allowing various applications and platforms to deploy on Meson’s distributed network.
  • IPCola: Infrastructure ecosystem for big data processing and artificial intelligence, based on millions of GaGa nodes, providing high-performance computing and storage capabilities.
How does Meson Network work?
How does Meson Network work?

For example, User A may be using virtual private server (VPS) services from providers like Amazon Web Service or Google Cloud with large bandwidth but only utilizing a small portion of that bandwidth.

In this case, User A can become a validator of Meson Network through GaGa Node or GatewayX, providing surplus bandwidth for Web2 or even Web3 services. As a result, User A can optimize the power of VPS efficiently while generating new income amid increasing VPS service costs.

Key Features of Meson Network

Key Features of Meson Network
Key Features of Meson Network

Meson Network is not just an ordinary network but a system with incredible power. It not only builds a decentralized platform to connect surplus resources with business needs but also contributes to improving the operation of Web3, providing convenience and transparency for users.

One of the highlights of Meson Network is its ability to create an efficient and seamless bandwidth trading market through a blockchain protocol. This is not just a replacement for traditional sales models but also an opportunity to monetize surplus bandwidth from users with cost-effective measures.

Unlike traditional sales models, Meson Network does not propose a top-down approach but instead strongly supports an open bandwidth trading platform, creating a long-tail market approach without human intervention.

Development Team

Development Team
Development Team

Sherlock Shi, Co-Founder and CEO of Meson Network, has experience working at MATPool as an engineer and project manager before embarking on the journey with Meson Network.



Meson Network has successfully raised over 3.5 million USD from leading investors such as HashKey Capital, Digital Currency Group, Presto,… Information about the value of the next funding round has not yet been disclosed by Meson Network.

What is MSN Token?

After learning about what Meson Network is, let’s dive into the project’s token – MSN.

Basic Information about MSN Token

  • Token name: Meson Network
  • Ticker: MSN
  • Blockchain: Ethereum, Arbitrum
  • Contract: 0xaA247c0D81B83812e1ABf8bAB078E4540D87e3fB (ethereum)
  • Token type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000

Allocation MSN Token

Allocation MSN Token
Allocation MSN Token
  • Jumpstart: 0.80%
  • Airdrop: 2.20%
  • Public Sales: 5.00%
  • Partners: 6.00%
  • Technical Team: 15.00%
  • Foundation reserves: 20.00%
  • Ecosystem: 25.00%
  • Investors: 26.00%

MSN Token distribution schedule


MSN Token Utility

MSN Token enables users to access bandwidth and big data services previously exclusive to large companies like Google and Akamai. Bandwidth services help accelerate the transmission speed of internet content such as web pages, videos, online content, files, and more. Big data services have become a crucial success factor in various industries such as online advertising, social networks, marketing, finance, etc.

MSN Tokens are awarded as rewards for contributors who provide server resources to the Meson network.

Staking MSN by contributors will help enhance efficiency in token mining activities.

MSN Tokens are used by network participants to participate in governance processes, such as voting in elections and making decisions on proposals on the chain.

Development Roadmap

  • 2020: Prototype deployment and testing.
  • 2021: Testnet 1.0, Testnet 2.5.
  • 2022: Tokenomics Beta1.
  • 2023: GagaNode & IPCola, Mainnet 1.0.
  • 2024: Mainnet 2.0, Bandwidth trading platform, Bandwidth Exchange launch.
  • 2025: Mainnet 3.0.

After being listed on the OKX exchange, Meson Network has not provided further updates on its upcoming plans.

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Similar Projects

As Meson belongs to the DePin field, there are prominent projects like HIFI Finance, IoTeX, …

Project Information


Through the article “What is Meson Network? Information about MSN Token” have you understood Meson Network yet? If not, feel free to leave your comments below for further clarification!


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