What is FOMO? 5 Ways to Control FOMO Psychology in the Crypto Market

What is FOMO? What is the psychology of individuals experiencing FOMO in crypto? How does FOMO affect the decisions of investors or traders in crypto? Is there a way to overcome FOMO psychology? Let's explore all of these with Crypto in this article!

What Is Fomo Azc

In the current bullish crypto market, have you ever heard of “FOMO” in the cryptocurrency market? In fact, whether you’re familiar with this term or not, chances are you’ve experienced that feeling at least once in the crypto market. So what is FOMO and how can you effectively manage it? Let’s explore right away.

What is FOMO?

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a psychological phenomenon that leads to the fear of missing out on information, events, experiences, or investment opportunities that could improve your life. Since community is key in the crypto world, FOMO plays a significant role in the market. When investors fall victim to this fear, they may make investment decisions based on trends rather than ensuring proper assessment.

The quintessential example of FOMO is perhaps Dogecoin, a favorite token of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. His repeated positive tweets about DOGE sparked a frenzy in the market. Its price surged overnight, but then faced significant fluctuations. This is a clear example of how FOMO can impact your investment decisions.

What Is Fomo
What Is Fomo

Dr. Dan Herman (Israel), a marketing expert and author of The Journal of Brand Management, first defined this effect in 1996. But how do you identify and avoid FOMO? The cryptocurrency market often witnesses daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly trends. These trends can create strong positive or negative market psychology. And these emotions often influence investors’ investment decisions.

The problem is, market psychology sometimes leads people to invest in assets when they are at their highest prices or sell them when they are at their lowest. This leads to rash investment decisions and can have severe consequences.

What Psychologies Create FOMO?

FOMO can affect the psychology of cryptocurrency investors, causing anxiety, stress, and poor decision-making. Investors may make impulsive decisions like buying without research or selling due to fear of missing out on future profits.

Here are some psychologies that contribute to FOMO:

  • Greed: Desire for quick, easy profits makes investors prone to FOMO when they see prices surging. They rush to buy without careful consideration, leading to high risks.
  • Fear: Fear of missing out on big profit opportunities can lead to FOMO when seeing market growth. They buy in at high prices, disregarding underlying risks.
  • Lack of knowledge: When lacking knowledge about the market and investment products, investors are susceptible to influence by news, rumors (e.g., Shill coin), leading to FOMO. They follow the crowd without conducting their own analysis.
  • Social comparison: Seeing others making profits from crypto investments, they FOMO and want to quickly “catch up.” They rush to buy in without considering their financial ability and risk tolerance.
  • Peer pressure: When friends and relatives invest in crypto and profit, you may FOMO and want to join in. However, it’s crucial to make decisions based on your own research and analysis, not influenced by others.
  • Herd mentality: When the market grows strongly, FOMO spreads rapidly. Everyone buys in, driving prices even higher. However, when the market reverses, FOMO also makes people rush to sell, leading to a sharp price decline.

FOMO and the Cryptocurrency Market

Fomo Vs Crypto
Fomo Vs Crypto

FOMO is very common in the cryptocurrency market for two reasons:

  • Cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile compared to other assets.
  • The cryptocurrency market is relatively new and seems like a good opportunity to make large profits.

FOMO, the fear of missing out, often occurs in the cryptocurrency market because their prices fluctuate sharply, and the market is seen as an opportunity to make large profits. However, chasing current emotions can lead to unforeseen consequences. Some investors may be drawn to stories of people becoming wealthy overnight using cryptocurrencies or holding bitcoin for a long time. But remember that these stories can be double-edged swords.

FOMO often occurs when there are rumors that the price of a coin will rise. However, remember that the price of cryptocurrency is determined by supply and demand. When demand exceeds reasonable levels, it leads to price bubbles, and when the price reaches its peak, whales start selling.

To avoid falling into the FOMO trap, focus on increasing your knowledge and setting reasonable expectations. Conduct thorough research, check new projects more often, improve fundamental analysis skills, and avoid vague expectations.

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Impact of the FOMO Effect

Impact Of The Fomo Effect
Impact Of The Fomo Effect
  • Financial Loss: The fear of missing out causes investors to buy at high prices, panic-sell at low prices, regardless of market trends and careful analysis. Following this herd behavior pushes them into high-risk losses, even total loss of investment.
  • Mistaken Decisions: FOMO psychology clouds judgment, causing investors to make hasty, unconsidered decisions. They may invest in shady projects, low potential, just because they are “afraid of being left behind,” overlooking potential opportunities and careful risk assessment.
  • Psychological Impact: The obsession with FOMO often persists, causing investors to worry, stress, even depression. They constantly monitor market fluctuations, compare themselves to others, leading to insomnia, loss of appetite, negatively affecting mental and physical health.
  • Loss of Credibility: By constantly making investment decisions based on FOMO psychology, investors gradually lose credibility and trust from others. Sharing decisions based on FOMO psychology on social media or with friends may make them undervalue your investment abilities.
  • Market Harm: FOMO psychology creates herd mentality, causing the market to fluctuate strongly and unpredictably. When many investors buy or sell due to this psychology, prices can suddenly rise or fall, negatively affecting the economy and overall market sentiment.

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5 Ways to Overcome FOMO When Investing in Crypto

5 Ways To Overcome Fomo When Investing In Crypto

  1. Enhance Knowledge and Investing Skills: Learn deeply about the market, investment products, effective strategies, and hone risk assessment skills.
  2. Establish Clear and Disciplined Investment Plans: Define specific goals, suitable for financial capabilities and risk tolerance. Adhere to the plan discipline, avoiding FOMO domination.
  3. Limit Frequent Market Monitoring: Spend time researching, evaluating the market rather than constantly tracking prices. Avoid “panic” when prices fluctuate, remain calm, and make rational decisions.
  4. Maintain Strong and Optimistic Mindset: Recognize that the market is always fluctuating, do not “panic” when prices fall. Trust your investment strategy and patiently await long-term results.
  5. Seek Support: Join reputable investment communities to learn, share experiences. Consult with experts when necessary.

The Dangers of FOMO and Investment Mistakes

  • Buying at Peak Prices: Fear of missing out on big opportunities can make investors buy into the market when prices have peaked, leading to losses when prices fall.
  • Selling at Low Prices: Fear of losing money may make investors sell assets when prices are low, due to FOMO pressure, missing out on big profit opportunities.
  • Investing in High-Risk Projects Without Proper Research: The rush from FOMO can make investors make investment decisions without conducting thorough research, leading to high financial risks.
  • Rash Decisions Without Risk Assessment: Fear of being left behind and fear of missing opportunities can make investors make hasty decisions, without fully evaluating the risks involved.

How to Avoid Falling into the Trap of FOMO

How to Avoid Falling into the Trap of FOMO

  • Long-term Thinking: Investing requires patience and long-term vision. Remember that investment decisions should be shaped by long-term goals rather than short-term emotions. Don’t let FOMO drive short-term decisions and miss long-term profit potential.
  • Set Investment Goals: Before investing, clearly define your financial goals. Focus on those goals rather than just focusing on making quick money. This way, you’ll reduce pressure from FOMO and make more thoughtful and sensible investment decisions.
  • Build a Balanced Investment Portfolio: Build a diverse and balanced investment portfolio based on your goals. Don’t just focus on collecting “hot tips” from unreliable sources. Instead, choose long-term investments with stable growth potential and consider adding some speculative investments to ensure your portfolio is diverse and balanced.


Now that you’ve learned what FOMO is, remember that having a strategy is the enemy of FOMO. Losses are inevitable in the cryptocurrency market, but by using a carefully tested strategy, you can minimize wrong decisions and losses. We also advise you to avoid rumors as much as possible. As we’ve discussed, FOMO in the cryptocurrency market is more common than in other financial markets, but with increased knowledge, you’ll certainly be more successful.


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