What is DIN? Exploring the Data Intelligent Network Project

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What Is Din Exploring The Data Intelligent Network Project

What is DIN?

DIN is the First Modular AI-Native Data Pre-Processing Layer.Created from the foundation of the Data Intelligence Network, DIN is designed to empower everyone to cook data for AI and get paid.

What is DIN?

The value proposition of DIN is to build a data intelligence network founded on the synergy among people, data, and AI. DIN protocol uses blockchain as the record and settlement layer, building a primary data layer to collect, validate, vectorize, and incentivize both on-chain and off-chain data.

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How does DIN work?

Data is crucial in the AI workflow and fundamental to AI blockchain, as all dAI apps rely on high-quality data. DIN, as the first modular AI-native data pre-processing layer, is committed to making data more accessible and user-friendly.

In the DIN ecosystem, three participants are continuously involved in the data flow of AI.

  • Data Collectors: Collect and label raw data
  • Data Validators & Vectorizers: Use local AI models on devices like mobiles and laptops for data validation, classification, cleaning, and augmentation

The data processed by DIN can be supplied to AI companies for extensive model training, AI Agent creation, and trading within the data marketplace. Any profits generated from this data will be distributed back to the network participants.

The Node is an essential part of the DIN ecosystem, enabling the data validation and vectorisation process, and providing reward conversion computation power.


DIN’s AI Data Node Infrastructure: xData


In early April this year, DIN launched its first AI data collection node infrastructure, xData, on opBNB. xData encourages users to capture valuable content from social media platforms and mark, collect, and store it on the blockchain, achieving on-chain aggregation of off-chain data. To date, xData has over 200,000 users, with more than 40,000 daily active users. Multiple ecosystems and projects have become AI data consumers of xData, leveraging it for social media growth.

Main Highlights

  • Effortless data collection

xData introduces a seamless and user-friendly solution for effortlessly capturing user’s favorite tweets. As a Chrome extension, It offers the easiest shortcut for users to record and preserve tweets that resonate with them.

  • Decentralized data scraping

Unlike traditional methods that rely solely on the Twitter API, xData leverages decentralized data scraping techniques. By decentralizing the data collection process, xData reduces reliance on centralized entities and provides a more resilient and censorship-resistant approach to data scraping.

  • Protection of data ownership and privacy

By securely storing users’ data onchain users retain full control over collected Twitter data. All the data is encrypted and stored in a decentralized manner, safeguarding it from unauthorized access and potential data breaches. With xData, users can have peace of mind knowing that data is protected and privacy is respected.

  • Data Monetization

xData empowers users to not only record tweets but also monetize them. All of the contributions are recorded onchain and xData will ensure transparency and enables users to earn rewards in a fair and equitable manner.

Through collaborative efforts and the utilization of smart devices, users embark on a voyage to construct an expansive data repository, perpetually etched into the annals of time, while reaping rich rewards along the way. xData’s genesis commences as a browser extension and starts with the data from X, the pivotal nexus for Web3 traffic and information. Here, users are bestowed with the ability to mark, gather, and securely store invaluable tweets on blockchains. Harnessing the prowess of AI agents, users seamlessly process and categorize content, fashioning bespoke libraries for effortless reference. Moreover, the option to monetize contributions and expertise by offering curated libraries for sale or consultation through automated bots further amplifies the allure of xData.

Core Features

xData consists of two key components: the extension and the website. The extension is a convenient tool that enables users to complete tasks and earn future rewards. In contrast, the website serves as a platform for navigating all the available information. Below are some core features of xData:

  • Extension download: First users should download extension. Once the installation is complete, the xData product will appear on the sidebar of the Twitter page. Next, open X, install MetaMask, and connect wallet. In xData, each wallet address is linked to a unique Twitter account. Switching Twitter account requires re-logging in.
    Extension download link: https://chromewebstore.google.com/detail/xdata/ajgmddbjkeopdfodegmglhgjbdoafnmm


  • Chip: Chip serves as the exclusive recorder linked to users’ xData accounts, providing access to a plethora of features designed to streamline data management. With Chip, users can seamlessly log their contributions within the xData ecosystem, including storing tweets securely on-chain, curating personalized datasets, and even creating their own X-agents for future use.
  • Wafer: Within the xData ecosystem, Wafers play a pivotal role as rewarding points that users can accrue through various engagements. From daily check-ins in the xData Space to charging Chip every six hours, users have ample opportunities to earn Wafers effortlessly. Additionally, engaging in random GODIN missions allows users to mark their favorite tweets and earn abundant Wafers as a reward.
  • GODIN: GODIN introduces a novel way for users to interact with their favourite tweets while earning rewards in the process. By simply replying to a tweet with “@din_lol_ GoDIN,” users can mark the tweet and have its content securely stored on-chain. Each successful GODIN mission completion rewards users with Wafers, further incentivizing active participation.
  • xData Space: xData Space is a place where GODIN tweets are stored. Users can use it as a personal knowledge center, where the knowledge would be transferred into an on-chain data set owned by users.

DIN’s Achievements

  • Investors

Since the project’s launch at the end of 2021, DIN has been dedicated to the data sector. In July 2023, DIN completed a $4 million seed funding round, led by Binance Labs, with participation from HashKey Capital, NGC Ventures, Shima Capital, IVC, LIF, Big Brain Holdings, and Archerman Capital. Additionally, DIN was selected for the Binance Chain Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program and the Cyberport Incubation Program in Hong Kong.

  • Rebrand

In May 2024, “Web3Go” officially rebranded as “DIN.” Over the past two years, the name “Web3Go” embodied the team’s goal of launching the latest Web3 products and services. As the team’s business evolved from an on-chain data service provider to the AI data sector, they chose the new name “DIN,” derived from their new positioning: Data Intelligence Network. This rebranding signifies the team’s commitment to long-term development in the AI data field.

  • Product Updates for the First Half of 2024

In April this year, DIN officially launched our first AI data collection node infrastructure, xData, on opBNB. Within two months of its launch, xData integrated OKX Wallet and began multi-chain deployment. Currently, xData is connected to Mantle, with more multi-chain collaborations underway.

Exciting Events

Galxe Joint Giveaway

To celebrate the integration of xData with OKX Wallet, DIN and OKX Wallet launched an exclusive giveaway on Galxe, attracting over ten thousand participants.

DIN is collaborating with Mantle Network to organize an extraordinary joint giveaway event on Galxe. The reward pool includes 5,000 $MNT, 1,000 Free Chip NFTs on Mantle Network, and 250,000 Wafers for all participants.

DeDIN Alliance

The “DeDIN Alliance” is a co-marketing campaign for an ongoing AI + Data project alliance, initiated by DIN. (DeDIN = Decentralized Data Intelligence Network)

The goal of the DeDIN Alliance is to establish a DIN ecosystem network for project interconnectivity and cooperation. By using the xData growth tool, they aim to accelerate data growth on social media and expand their influence.

The campaign commenced at the end of April 2023 and is still ongoing.

Ambassador Program

2024 marks a fresh start for DIN and the entire crypto market. Over the past two years, DIN has built a range of products and services, weathered the bear market, and cultivated a thriving community. Now, DIN is launching its Ambassador Program to strengthen unity and growth.

GODIN is the nickname for DIN Ambassadors. “GO” represents team’s forward drive, while “DIN” stands for Data Intelligence Network, embodying the mission to revolutionize blockchain and AI interactions. GODINs will co-build the future of AI and Data with DIN.


  1. Alpha GODIN: The management team (3 ppl) leading the program.
  2. Spark GODIN: Unlimited KOL Ambassadors with a strong industry voice.
  3. Core GODIN: Community contributors and freelancers (6–8 ppl).
  4. Junior GODIN: Active community members (hundreds).

The DIN Ambassador Program is actively seeking individuals from diverse backgrounds. Join the Ambassador Program today and be a catalyst for change!


Reflecting on a successful first half of 2024, DIN has achieved significant milestones, including completing different marketing campaigns and launching xData on opBNB. As Q2 progresses, DIN is expanding xData to more chains and has integrated the OKX wallet, enhancing user accessibility and functionality. Next on DIN’s roadmap are the highly anticipated xData new version, node sale and TGE, marking crucial steps towards further decentralization and community involvement. Stay tuned to DIN’s X account for more updates and exciting developments as DIN continues to innovate and grow.



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