What is Airdrop? Exploring Airdrop Coins in Crypto

In the crypto market, there are many ways to make money, and one of them is through airdrops - a model chosen by many investors that doesn't require fees and can yield thousands of USD with just time investment. So, what is Airdrop? Let's find out right away!

What Is Airdrop

What is Airdrop?

Airdrop is a popular marketing strategy in the cryptocurrency industry, used by crypto projects to enhance brand awareness and expand user base. Through this activity, projects distribute a certain amount of tokens or NFTs for free to users who meet certain conditions.

To receive an airdrop, users typically need to own a small amount of tokens in their wallet or perform tasks such as sharing information about the project on social media, writing reviews, connecting with team members of the project, etc. This is an effective way for projects to reach their target audience and attract community attention before the main token is officially listed and traded on exchanges.

What is Airdrop?
What is Airdrop?

Airdrop activities not only provide marketing benefits and build trust but also help projects distribute tokens widely, thus laying the foundation for a decentralized, non-custodial ecosystem. Additionally, it’s an opportunity for new users to experience and learn about the project firsthand before making long-term investment decisions.

With its outstanding advantages, airdrop has become an indispensable tool in the development strategy of most cryptocurrency projects. Its attractiveness lies in offering the community the opportunity to own tokens for free while effectively helping projects reach new users.

Why do projects have airdrop coins?

Why do projects have airdrop coins?
Why do projects have airdrop coins?

In the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies, building a large and engaged community with users is a key factor in determining the success or failure of any project. For this reason, airdrop has become one of the most effective marketing strategies for projects to establish a strong connection with the community from the early days.

By distributing free tokens or NFTs to users who meet certain conditions, Airdrop helps projects achieve several important goals:

  • Broad brand promotion: Announcing an airdrop is an opportunity for projects to reach and attract the attention of new users. As they learn about this activity, they will naturally be introduced to the mission and product of the project, thereby effectively promoting it.
  • Building a highly interactive community: Airdrop participants often need to complete certain tasks related to the project, helping them become genuine users who actively interact with the platform. This lays the groundwork for a vibrant, long-lasting community.
  • Increasing decentralization, non-custodial nature: Distributing tokens widely through airdrop helps limit the risk of concentrating resources in a few small units, ensuring decentralization – one of the core values of cryptocurrency.

Although implementing airdrop often requires significant financial resources from projects, its effectiveness in terms of marketing and community building cannot be denied. Therefore, airdrop remains and will continue to be a key strategic tool for crypto projects to win over the global community.

What are the forms of Airdrop crypto?

Airdrop is not only a simple method of distributing free tokens but also diverse with many different ways to meet the specific marketing goals of each project.

Here are some typical forms of Airdrop:

Retroactive Airdrop

Retroactive Airdrop
Retroactive Airdrop

This is a method where the project rewards tokens to users, supporters, and contributors in the early days of building and developing the project. Retroactive Airdrop aims to acknowledge the significant contributions of the community in shaping and promoting the project.

Uniswap and 1inch are two prominent examples of applying this method. Recently, Optimism – a famous Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain, also airdropped to early users and supporters.

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Bounty Airdrop

In this case, participants need to complete certain tasks to qualify for the airdrop, usually involving social media interactions with the project such as sharing, commenting, writing reviews on channels like Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Bounty Airdrop helps enhance marketing, effectively promoting the project’s brand online.

Airdrop for holding certain tokens

This type is designed specifically for people who own a certain amount of a specific token. To qualify for the airdrop, they need to hold that amount in their virtual wallet for a certain period.

This form is often aimed at appreciating long-time supporters of the project as well as encouraging the “hold” status of tokens in the market, limiting short-term trading.

With unique forms and specific goals, airdrop has become a powerful tool for crypto projects to not only attract new users but also engage and appreciate long-standing communities.

Benefits & risks of hunting airdrops

Benefits of participating in Airdrop hunting

Benefits of participating in Airdrop hunting
Benefits of participating in Airdrop hunting

Participating in Airdrop hunting is not just a way to receive free tokens, but it brings many valuable benefits to participants in the cryptocurrency ecosystem:

  • Opportunity to own new tokens for free: This is perhaps the most attractive benefit of Airdrop. Participants have the opportunity to receive new tokens from promising projects without any cost. This is a way to diversify investment portfolios and generate profits early if the token appreciates significantly in the future.
  • Learning about new projects practically: To participate in Airdrop, users need to thoroughly research the project behind the token. This process helps improve knowledge about the latest technologies and applications in the cryptocurrency field, thereby providing a comprehensive view to evaluate the project’s prospects.
  • Connecting and integrating into the community: Many Airdrop forms require participants to interact with the project’s community on social media. This is an opportunity to connect, exchange, learn from like-minded people, and build close relationships with the cryptocurrency community.
  • Profit potential from hot tokens: If the token is from a reputable project and is of interest to the community, its value may increase significantly after the airdrop. Participants will have the opportunity to earn large profits from these tokens.
  • Special rights and experiences: Many projects use Airdrop to appreciate early users by granting special benefits such as product discounts, service usage rights, participation in project management, and decision-making.

Risks when participating in airdrops

Risks when participating in airdrops
Risks when participating in airdrops

These are the issues that participants need to be aware of and carefully consider before deciding to participate in any airdrop:

  • Time and effort-consuming: Many airdrops require participants to experience the product, use various features for a certain period. This can take up a lot of time and effort that not everyone is willing to invest.
  • Lack of transparency: The distribution of airdrop tokens often lacks transparency about the quantity, recipients, and distribution methods. This leads to doubts about whether the tokens are truly distributed fairly to the community.
  • Scam risks: Many scammers take advantage of airdrop campaigns to steal users’ personal information or assets. They may impersonate reputable projects, create fake projects, send fake airdrop information with requests for sensitive information such as private keys, passphrases, etc. Users need to be extremely vigilant against these sophisticated scams.

Although airdrop brings many valuable benefits, the above risks cannot be ignored. Participants need to be cautious, research project information thoroughly, and only participate when they have full confidence in the transparency and credibility of the organizers. This is a way to both benefit from the airdrop and ensure asset safety.

Who can participate in Airdrop?

Who can participate in Airdrop?
Who can participate in Airdrop?

Airdrop is a creative marketing strategy that many new cryptocurrency projects apply to increase their presence and brand awareness in the community. By distributing a certain amount of tokens for free to participants who meet the specified criteria, projects can attract attention, build loyalty, and expand their user network from the early stages. This creates an opportunity for any investor or interested individual to participate and become part of the project community, as long as they meet all the criteria.

Some notes when hunting airdrop coins

Some notes when hunting airdrop coins
Some notes when hunting airdrop coins

When participating in the crypto market, hunting airdrops is a common activity to receive free tokens. However, to increase the chances of success and minimize risks, users need to pay attention to some important issues:

  • Use a secondary wallet and manage assets safely: Avoid storing too many assets in wallets used for airdrops. Create a separate wallet, only keep a small amount of tokens to cover transaction fees, to minimize the risk of loss if the wallet is hacked.
  • Protect personal information: Never share or disclose private keys to anyone. This is considered the “golden rule” in the crypto world. If any airdrop project requires providing a private key, it is definitely a scam.
  • Manage email securely: Create a separate email address for airdrop activities. This helps limit spam emails and minimize risks in the worst-case scenario of email hacking.
  • Choose suitable airdrops: Retroactive or bounty airdrops will be suitable for those with less capital and more time. Conversely, holding and staking tokens will be suitable for those with high capital and less time.
  • Manage passwords securely: Do not use the same password for multiple websites. For airdrops requiring registration, use strong, hard-to-guess, and different passwords.
  • Check carefully before clicking on links: Always be cautious and check the URL before accessing, to avoid being fooled by fake websites.
  • Follow official information sources: Keep up to date with the latest information from official channels of the project to ensure receiving accurate information, completing tasks fully, and avoiding scam risks.


Through the article “What is Airdrop? Understanding Airdrop Coin in Crypto“, we have provided you with information about airdrops. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!


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