The MEME Token Sale Event Helped Memeland Raise 10 Million Dollars in 42 Minutes

After launching the Farming feature, Memeland continued to attract attention when it earned 10 million dollars in the MEME token sale event.

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After launching the Farming feature, the number of followers of memeland’s X account doubled from 450,000 to more than 924,000. Recently, Memeland once again attracted attention when it raised $10 million in less than an hour in a MEME token sale. This demonstrates the project’s appeal in the cryptocurrency community, which is undeniable. Let AZC News find out more details about this MEME token sale.

Memeland successfully launched the MEME token, raising 10 million USD

In a surprising turn of events, the sale of Memeland’s MEME tokens witnessed an astonishing commitment of 10 million USD in just over an hour and a half, setting a new standard for the rapidly evolving world of Web3. The project’s unique approach to cryptocurrency based on memes has captured the imagination of crypto enthusiasts and meme fans alike. Community members have the opportunity to join the waiting list by participating in various activities, granting them access to token sales.

Although it sold out in record time, the discounted sale will continue until Friday morning, allowing users on the waiting list to access the token.

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Information about the MEME token sale

MEME token sale

Conditions for participating in the MEME Token Fire Sale

The snapshot of the project took place over a period of approximately 3 hours starting at 11 PM on October 25, 2023. Investors looking to participate in the Fire Sale must ensure that they held NFTs (You Are The Real MVP, Captainz, Potatoz) before the snapshot time


Start time: Thursday, October 26, 2023, at 10:00 AM End time: Friday, October 27, 2023, at 2:00 PM Duration: 28 hours

Sale price: Price: 300 USD (in ETH) Maximum raise: 300,000 USD

Allowlist & Waitlist

The Allowlist is guaranteed. You will be allocated a slot if you pay for a slot during the Fire Sale. There is no need to rush.

The Waitlist is not guaranteed. It has lower priority than the Allowlist. A lottery will be held at the end of the Fire Sale to determine the allocation. If you pay for a slot in the first hour of the Fire Sale, you will receive a 6.9X increase in the lottery.

$MEME in the Fire Sale can be claimed through a contributing wallet and is not tied to NFTs. Allocation results will be announced within 48 hours after the Fire Sale. Any unallocated funds will be refunded within 48 hours after the Fire Sale. You will be the first to claim your $MEME allocation within 14 days after the Fire Sale; otherwise, the entire amount will be refunded.

MEME Tokenomics

Total supply: 69,000,000,000

Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): 69,000,000 USD

Price per $MEME: 0.001 USD

Meme Token Contract Address: 0xb131f4A55907B10d1F0A50d8ab8FA09EC342cd74

Fire Sale Supply: 7,590,000,000 (11% of total supply)

Unlocked after purchase: 1,897,500,000 (2.75% of total supply)

The remaining amount will be unlocked daily over the next 18 months. The Fire Sale has the best unlocking schedule among all parties.

Utility of the MEME token

Memecoin (“$MEME”) is a digital token compatible with the ERC-20 token standard. The Memeland development team has stated that $MEME has no functionality, utility, or intrinsic value and offers no promise of any financial profit, gain, interest, or dividends.

There is no roadmap and no promise or expectation that any ecosystem will be developed for $MEME.

Despite its lack of utility, the information about MEME has generated significant interest within the community.

The uniqueness of Memeland’s MEME token sale

In essence, Memeland is celebrating the world of memes by creating a cryptocurrency focused solely on humor, entertainment, and the sharing of internet culture. It does not aim to be a medium of exchange, represent money, or serve as any form of financial instrument. Instead, MEME is an intriguing digital asset designed to meet the insatiable need for humor on the internet.

Upcoming activities for Memeland

MEME token sale

Information on the project’s website indicates that Memeland’s future plans include building several platforms within the ecosystem to serve the MEME token, including:, a travel service;, a video sharing service;

Stakeland, a cryptocurrency staking app;

Petsland, a service for pets.

However, all four platforms are currently under development (according to the project’s announcement), and specific schedules for the future are not yet clear.


The above information covers Memeland’s entire MEME token sale. If you don’t qualify for this MEME buying round, you can join Memeland’s ongoing Farming event. According to the announcement, tokens will be allocated based on Farming points, with 24% of tokens reserved for airdrops. You can join here: “Participate in Memeland’s farming event to receive MEME tokens“. New missions are added daily and are only available for a limited time, so be sure to check their website regularly to catch your chance to earn points from Memeland.

We hope the provided information about the Memeland project is helpful to you. Don’t forget to stay updated by following our posts to stay informed about important project updates and market news.


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