PSG Fan Token Surges Following UEFA Champions League Victory

In the UEFA Champions League quarter-final match, Barcelona suffered a heavy defeat against Paris Saint-Germain at their home ground, Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys. Driving Strong Surge in PSG Fan Token.

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The fan token of Paris Saint-Germain’s club, PSG, experienced a significant surge as the team played, particularly after their 4-1 victory over Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League quarter-final second leg.

PSG is among the few fan tokens issued by the cryptocurrency company Socios and the Chiliz project for sports clubs. Holders of these tokens can influence important decisions at the club.

Many investors are hopeful that with the upcoming Euro 2024 event, fan tokens will become popular and experience strong growth, similar to the period leading up to the World Cup at the end of 2022.

PSG Chart

Chart Psg
Chart PSG

The price of the PSG token began to rise sharply since the team scored the first goal early in the first half. PSG continued to rise until midway through the second half, reaching a peak of $5.45. However, PSG’s upward momentum did not sustain above $5 for long and began to decline after news of the match.

BAR Chart

Meanwhile, PSG’s opponent token, BAR, decreased by nearly 5% after the defeat.

Chart Bar
Chart Bar

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