Pirate Nation Announces Airdrop and Coinbase Listing

Pirate Nation, a pirate-themed RPG (Role-Playing Game), has successfully raised $33 million in funding from a16z and has recently completed its initial airdrop. The game has also been listed on major exchanges, including Coinbase.

Pirate Nation Announces Airdrop And Coinbase Listing

Pirate Nation Airdrop Announcement

Pirate Nation is the pioneering project from Proof of Play, an innovative Web3 game studio. In September 2023, Proof of Play made headlines by securing a $33 million Seed investment from notable investors including a16z crypto, Anchorage Digital, and Naval Ravikant.

The PIRATE token, an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, serves as the primary utility token within the Pirate Nation game.

Before its token launch, Pirate Nation excited the community by announcing an airdrop for players who participated in Season 0, Season 1, and for NFT holders. Most players will receive over 1,000 PIRATE tokens (approximately $330), and for more active players, this amount can exceed 10,000 PIRATE tokens (approximately $3,300).

Notably, Pirate Nation is committed to distributing up to 47% of its total token supply to the community. In the initial airdrop, only 15% of these tokens were distributed, indicating that there will be many more airdrop opportunities in the future.

Tokenomics Pirate Nation
Tokenomics Pirate Nation

Following the initial listing and the first airdrop, Pirate Nation launched the second airdrop (SS2). In this phase, players can engage in a “free-to-earn” experience by collecting and selling rare items within the game.

Play Pirate Nation and join the SS2 Airdrop here.

For those interested in detailed guidance on how to play Pirate Nation and maximize your rewards in the SS2 airdrop, leave a comment below this article, and the AZCNews team will create a comprehensive guide for you!

Listing on Coinbase and Other Major Exchanges

On June 13th (UTC), Coinbase announced the listing of the PIRATE token. In addition to Coinbase, several other major exchanges, including Bybit and Gate.io, have also listed the token.

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Currently, Pirate Nation boasts a market capitalization of $67 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $70 million.



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