Pancakeswap integrates Transak for cross-chain fiat integration

Pancakeswap now allows users to purchase crypto with debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and other methods through Transak.

Pancakeswap Integrates Transak For Cross Chain Fiat Integration_65b97ab9834fd.jpeg

Decentralized exchange Pancakeswap now offers Transak as a provider in its “ buy crypto ” tab, giving Pancakeswap users an fresh option when shopping for crypto, according to an announcement on September 21. Mercuryo and Moonpay were preliminarily providers for this point, making Transak the third provider to be added.

Pancakeswap buy crypto tab

Pancakeswap buy crypto tab. Source: Pancakeswap

Pancakeswap is a multichain decentralized crypto exchange( DEX). It’s available on 8 different blockchain networks, including BNB Chain, Ethereum, Base, Polygon zkEVM, and others. It has over$1.3 billion worth of crypto locked in its contracts and does over$ 150 billion in volume per day, according to crypto analytics platform DeFi Llama.

As with all DEXs, Pancakeswap ca n’t perform edict to crypto transformations on its own. Users have to first enjoy cryptocurrency in a wallet before they can use the exchange. Its development platoon lately enforced the “ buy crypto ” point in an attempt to fix this problem by allowing users to onboard with third- party providers like Mercuryo, Moonpay and now Transak. Transak claims to be integrated into over 350 Web3 apps, making it one of the most accessible crypto onboarding services.

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According to the announcement, Transak will give “ over 20 different payment options grounded on global requirements, ” including debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfers, and others, and will give nine different cryptocurrencies across seven different blockchain networks to Pancakeswap users.

Pancakeswap’s pseudonymous leader, head chef Mochi, stated that the integration will help make decentralized finance protocols easier to use:

“( I) t’s imperative that entry points remain simple yet robust. Transak’s moxie in edict on- ramping, combined with PancakeSwap’s platform capabilities, promises an period where diving into decentralized finance is intuitive and hedge-free for all.”

Pancakeswap launched a web3 game called “ hotcake defenders ” on May 30. The game gives redundant gratuities to holders of the DEXs governance commemorative, cutlet. The token’s affectation rate was reduced to 3- 5 through a governance vote in April.


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