OKX Announces Listing of Polyhedra Network (ZK)

Cryptocurrency exchange OKX has announced the listing of Polyhedra Network (ZK), a Web3 infrastructure project. Read more details here!

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Cryptocurrency exchange OKX has announced that it will list Polyhedra Network (ZK) on Spot trading on March 19, 2024. Here are the details:

  1. ZK deposits will open at 08:00 AM UTC on March 15, 2024.
  2. ZK/USDT spot trading will open at 10:00 AM UTC on March 19, 2024.
  3. ZK withdrawals will open at 10:00 AM UTC on March 20, 2024.

To trade ZK, you can register through our referral link to enjoy reduced trading fees and exclusive benefits.

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About Polyhedra Network (ZK)

Interface Polyhedra Network

Polyhedra Network is an infrastructure project for Web3, focusing on expanding interaction capabilities and protecting privacy rights in the Web3 space, based on Zero-knowledge proof technology.

The project provides highly efficient interaction solutions and minimizes trust to convert assets, transmit messages, and share data between different Web2 and Web3 systems.

Polyhedra Network has successfully raised a total of $25 million from Binance Labs and blockchain-focused investment company Polychain Capital. Additionally, the project is supported by other notable names such as Animoca Brands, Space ID, Metis, and Galxe.

In OKX’s announcement, the token allocation of the project is as follows:

  • Core development team: 10.00%
  • Project reserves: 15.00%
  • Community, Airdrop, and Marketing: 15.00%
  • Investors: 28.00%
  • Incentive for network and ecosystem: 32.00%

With the project allocating 15% of tokens to Community, Airdrop, and Marketing, many are expecting the project to organize an airdrop in the near future. Previously, the project disclosed that users of zkBridge, holders of NFT Pandra King, and event participants would receive an airdrop.


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