NIM Network Announces Airdrop of 90 Million Tokens

NIM Network - an AI Gaming project developed on DYM, will allocate 9% of the total supply for an airdrop to approximately 500,000 eligible wallets.

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NIM Network Announces Airdrop

NIM Network, a blockchain focusing on AI gaming, has just launched a token distribution program called Genesis Rolldrop for the community.

According to the announcement, the project has allocated 9% of the token supply – equivalent to 90 million NIM – for airdrop to over 500,000 eligible wallets. Among these, 50 million NIM will be allocated to wallets participating in staking on Dymension (DYM).

Additionally, NIM Network is also airdropping to wallets meeting the following conditions:

  • Being a member of the Parallel, Pirate Nation, AI Arena, and TODAY The Game gaming communities.
  • Owning NFTs such as Pudgy Penguins, 9dcc, and WolvesDAO.
  • Having interacted with infrastructure projects and community fundraising efforts like Ocean, Olas Network, and Gitcoin.

Users can access here to preview the token allocation. Similar to previous airdrops by Celestia and Dymension, the project will automatically send the reward tokens to eligible wallets, requiring no additional action from users.

NIM Network is the first RollApp deployed on Dymension, a modular blockchain pioneer within the Cosmos ecosystem. RollApp is an appchain developed by Dymension using the RDK tool. As a result, all RollApps inherit the benefits of security, liquidity, and connectivity with the Dymension Hub.

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DYM and Price Movement

Dymension is a layer 1 blockchain designed on the modular blockchain model, built on the Cosmos SDK toolkit and capable of interacting with the Cosmos ecosystem via the IBC interchain protocol.

The Dymension network consists of multiple rollup applications deployed on top, called RollApps. These RollApps are applications that allow direct user interaction, which can be games, decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, or NFT platforms.

The DYM token has recently experienced a slight downtrend and is currently trading at $5.8 per token. Over the past month, the value of this token has decreased by approximately 20%.

Chart Dym Nim Network
Chart Dym


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  1. Avatar of Mebby

    Hi please give me access to Nim Network Airdrop

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      Ashek Muktadirul


      • Avatar of Iyoke Chigozie Damian
        Iyoke Chigozie Damian

        Interested in AZcoiner ad network airdrops

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      Muhammad Bello Hassan

      Good to go

      • Avatar of Esther

        This is awesome

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        Bilyaminu Idris

        Please share your Refferal code to me via telegram @Alkatsinawi2

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    Ranajit Ghosh

    Great opportunity

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    Adnan Ramzan


    • Avatar of Joshua Ibim
      Joshua Ibim

      Which wallet is eligible for NIM network?

  4. Avatar of Sekou Koulibaly
    Sekou Koulibaly

    J’accepte ce projet envoie accès NiM Network airdrop merci

  5. Avatar of Patrick Cyril
    Patrick Cyril

    I’ll really love to participate in this airdrop

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    Hi please can I get access to Nim network Airdrop

  7. Avatar of Idris jafaru malam
    Idris jafaru malam

    Hi please can I get access to Nim network Airdrop

  8. Avatar of Emmanuel Christopher
    Emmanuel Christopher

    Is Nim network legit?

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    Inemesit Udobong

    How do I join the airdrop

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    Nice one

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    Muneeb Hussain

    Hi please give me access to Nim Network Airdrop.

  12. Avatar of Samuel Pam Dachomo
    Samuel Pam Dachomo

    How can I get the link to join?

  13. Avatar of Mishael Bere
    Mishael Bere

    Please I will like to participate in the airdrops too if given the opportunity.

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    What about NIM network

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    How do I join the airdrop

    • Avatar of Raymond

      If you complete the conditions you will receive airdrops. Please see the conditions in the article

  16. Avatar of Alexander

    Please I’m interested in the NIM airdrop. How do I participate?

    You can reach through [email protected]


  17. Avatar of Iyoke Chigozie Damian
    Iyoke Chigozie Damian

    Interested in NIM network airdrop

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    I am interested how do I participate?

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    How can I get access to the airdrop please

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    Am interested what is the next line of action please.

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