CryptoPunks NFT Fetches $16 Million in Ethereum Sale

Recently, a CryptoPunks NFT entered the annals of history with a staggering $16 million sale,


What are NFT DApps? How to Initiate and Operate Them?

Explore the evolving world of NFT DApps: Decentralized applications built on blockchain are revolutionizing our


Gamety Revolutionizes Blockchain Gaming with Runes

Gamety, the pioneering platform built on the enhanced Runes protocol, emerges to revolutionize gaming.

Square Enix Invests in Web3 Platform and NFT HyperPlay

The investment aligns with Square Enix's renewed emphasis on blockchain and Web3 technologies.


Bitcoin NFT NodeMonkes Surpasses BAYC, Surging 50% in Price

Bitcoin NFT NodeMonkes has experienced a significant surge in demand, surpassing BAYC, with its base


Founder of NFT Collection Milady Targeted by Hacker Attack

Milady is said to have had many NFTs liquidated and lost 1 million USD transferred

Magic Eden Launches NFT Collection on Ethereum

Magic Eden, a leading digital token marketplace platform, collaborates with Bored Ape Yacht Club and

Solana’s Tensor Market Aims for NFT Growth

The Tensor Foundation introduces the $TNSR token for Solana's NFT market. Tensor protocols mark over


NFTfi Raises $6 Million in Series A1

NFTfi’s latest funding round, led by Placeholder VC, has increased the total amount raised to


Pepe The Frog Creator Drops A New NFT Collection

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk


Coinbase Offers Freebies for Ethereum NFT Game Parallel

As Parallel, the card-battling game, enters its open beta phase, Coinbase and Base entice newcomers


Coachella Partners with Opensea to Launch Exclusive NFTs

Coachella partners with OpenSea to introduce NFT collections for the 2024 festival, offering exclusive access


Bitcoin NFTs Stage Impressive Comeback, Dominating Weekly Sales

Bitcoin NFTs reached a new milestone with a record-breaking daily sales volume over the weekend,


Top 10 Best-Selling NFTs of the Week

The NFT market has experienced exceptional growth this week, featuring the top 10 NFTs with

Taproot Wizards Successfully Launches Its First NFT Collection

Taproot Wizards swiftly sells out its inaugural NFT collection, "Quantum Cats," with an impressive 3,000


NFT Artist Ryder Ripps Ordered to Pay $9M to Yuga Labs

NFT artist Ryder Ripps and his associate Jeremy Cahen are obligated to pay almost $9

NFTs on Cardano Experience Decline Following Last Month’s Dominance

The popularity of NFTs on the Cardano network surged, but despite this, overall network activity

Gas Hero Draws Over $90 Million in NFT Transactions

Satoshi Lab announces that their latest game, Gas Hero, has garnered over $90 million in

NFT Platform Magic Eden Transforms into Non-Fungible DAO

The NFT platform Magic Eden has announced the transfer of all its resources to Non-Fungible

Surge in Solana NFT Sales Volume Over the Past Week

Solana experienced a significant surge in both the number of NFT trades and their trading

NFT Marketplace Tabi Launches Tabi Chain

NFT trading platform Tabi (formerly Treasureland) announces the launch of Tabi Chain, a blockchain game

Adidas and Nike Lead the Fashion NFT Wave

Adidas and Nike lead the fashion NFT scene with 12 and 9 collections, respectively, while

GameStop Shut Down Its NFT Marketplace Platform

GameStop, the retail giant for game discs, has announced the cessation of its NFT marketplace

Twitter Removes Feature to Set NFT as Profile Picture

Social network X (Twitter) is said to have stopped supporting NFTs as profile pictures, after

Can Azuki Spark a Renaissance in Ethereum’s NFT Ecosystem?

After a hiatus of almost four weeks, Ethereum has regained its dominance in the NFT

Mercari Japan Accepts Payments in Bitcoin

Mercari, one of Japan's largest e-commerce platforms, said it will begin accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as

Logan Paul Will Compensate Victims Who Purchased CryptoZoo NFTs

Logan Paul, famous star and one of the founders of the game CryptoZoo, has just

Bitcoin Surpasses Ethereum in Latest NFT Sales

In December, Bitcoin's NFT sales outpaced Ethereum's, defying expectations as Ethereum boasted a higher transaction

Mickey Mouse NFT Launches After Copyright Expiration

A unique Mickey Mouse NFT collection was officially launched on January 1, 2024, shortly after

Art Broker Achieves $35M in 2023 Digital Art Sales

In the face of mixed reviews for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Michael Bouhanna, Vice President and