How to Participate in the Backpack Airdrop

Backpack is an advanced trading platform and wallet for xNFTs on Solana, currently hosting an airdrop program for users with rewards of up to thousands of USD. Detailed instructions can be found here!

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Introducing Backpack


Backpack is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and multi-purpose cryptocurrency wallet for xNFTs (extended non-fungible tokens) on the Solana blockchain. The project has garnered attention from major investors in 2022, successfully raising $20 million in funding from investment funds such as FTX Ventures, Jump, Multicoin Capital, and Anagram in its strategic fundraising round.

Backpack Exchange has achieved impressive trading volumes with the $SOL (Solana cryptocurrency) trading pair recently surpassing even major exchanges like Binance. The project has received strong support from Solana’s core team as well as other DeFi (decentralized finance) projects within the Solana ecosystem.

Backpack has conducted its first airdrop for users, with many users receiving thousands of dollars. Currently, the project still has 3 more airdrop rounds planned for users. So don’t miss out on this airdrop opportunity!

How to Participate in the Backpack Airdrop

Sign up for a Backpack account:

Created Account backpack
Created Account
  • Complete identity verification (KYC) similar to other centralized exchanges.
  • Trade spot trading pairs, either manually or refer to detailed automated trading scripts from the community.

Install the Backpack wallet and use it as an alternative to other wallets on Solana:

  • Download the app at:
  • Add the extension to Chrome browser.
  • Remember to use the Backpack wallet instead of other Solana wallets for the best experience.

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