Guide to Experience the L2 Scroll Project for a Chance to Receive Scroll Airdrops

Opportunity to receive Scroll Airdrops - The Layer 2 project on Ethereum is known for its new and more prominent technology compared to previous projects.

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After an extensive Testnet period, the extensive ecosystem of the L2 Scroll project has recently launched its Mainnet. Follow our article below to learn about the Scroll project and how to experience it for a chance to receive the Scroll Airdrops.

What is Scroll?

Scroll is a Layer 2 blockchain built on zkEVM Equivalence technology. This is a ZK-Rollup technology that is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and was developed in early 2021. With Scroll, users will be able to conduct transactions faster, at lower fees, while enjoying the same level of security provided by Ethereum.

Scroll introduced zkEVM on the Goerli testnet in early March after completing the Pre Alpha testnet phase. And recently, on October 17, 2023, Scroll officially launched mainnet.

ZK-Rollups have received support from many industry experts because they offer the potential to scale Ethereum without compromising other factors. Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, appreciates Layer 2 solutions using ZK-Rollups technology. Therefore, projects such as Scroll, zkSync, StarkNet have received the attention of the community thanks to their strong development potential in the future.

Potential of the Scroll Project and Projects within the Scroll Ecosystem

Scroll successfully raised $83 million through three rounds of funding, with participation from leading investment funds like Polychain Capital, Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital Crypto, Moore Capital Management, among others. Currently, the project is valued at $1.8 billion. As of October 27, 2023, according to Defillama, Scroll’s Total Value Locked (TVL) stands at $10.27 million, a modest figure with plenty of room for growth.

While there are many unique protocols, the DeFi sector shines with prominent names like Pendle, Aave, Stargate, and Sushi Swap.

Additionally, some notable projects in other sectors include:

  • Ankr (Infrastructure)
  • Safe (Wallet)
  • Orbiter Finance (Bridge)

Besides the main Scroll project, many projects within the Scroll ecosystem have not yet launched tokens, providing a great opportunity for people to potentially participate in airdrops.

Guide to Earning Scroll Airdrops

Add the Scroll network to your wallet

Alternatively, you can also:


Click “Add Scroll Layer 2” to Metamas

Bridge – transfer ETH from the Ethereum network to the Scroll network

via the following bridges:

Main Bridge: from the main #ETH network

Owlto Bridge: no price slippage, lower fees.

Note when using the main bridge:

Transfer time from Ethereum to Scroll takes 15 minutes or more. Withdrawal time from Scroll to ETH through the main bridge takes 3-4 hours.

Interact with DApps on the Scroll network.

Scroll Airdrops

Use some DApps at to activate on the Scroll network. In these DApps, you will need to swap and provide liquidity. Some DApps you can use include:

Most interactions involve wallet activity, so if you don’t have funds, you can wait until you do.

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Mint NFTs on the Scroll network.

You can mint NFTs on the Scroll network at the following locations:



AZC News has provided information about what Scroll is and a guide on how to experience the project for a chance to receive Scroll Airdrops. This Layer 2 project on Ethereum has been announced with new, outstanding technologies compared to previous projects. Stay updated with our articles to receive information on airdrop events and cryptocurrency market news.


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