Experience in Airdrop Hunting for Positional Change

Airdrop hunting has become more popular than ever. But experience in airdrop hunting is also something people are very interested in.

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You might have heard that Crypto airdrops are one of the few ways to potentially earn a substantial amount of money with a minimal investment. This has piqued your interest, and you’re eager to get involved in this space to seek opportunities for changing your financial situation. However, the process can be confusing, and you might not know where to start. Don’t worry; This article will guide you on what to do and what not to do, as well as effective experience in airdrop hunting. So, without further ado, let’s begin with AZC News.

The Origin of Crypto Airdrops

Crypto airdrops originated with Uniswap’s decision to airdrop UNI tokens to early project supporters. Each user received 400 UNI tokens, valued at around $2,000 at the time. This event led to major exchanges like Binance, OKX, Coinbase, listing and trading UNI tokens, driving their value up significantly within hours.

Uniswap’s airdrop event set the stage for numerous airdrops in the cryptocurrency market. Projects began to see airdrops as an essential marketing tool, delivering significant results in attracting attention and increasing community awareness of their products and services.

The investments made by projects in airdrops can be substantial, with some projects offering hundreds or even thousands of USD per user.

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Experiences in Airdrop Hunting

experience in airdrop hunting

How do you assess the potential for retroactive airdrops in a project?

For Projects Yet to Issue Tokens

The blockchain ecosystem consists of various elements, such as stablecoins, wallets, DEXs, lending platforms, and payment systems. To evaluate a project’s potential for future retroactive airdrops, you can categorize projects based on their domains and check if they have issued their own tokens.

Furthermore, comparing these projects to their competitive counterparts is a way to assess them. Explore whether upcoming projects are planning airdrops or retroactive distributions by participating in and interacting within their Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit communities.

Projects Conducting Testnets

Testnets are a method for developers to test their products by collecting feedback and opinions from the community before an official product launch. After the testnet phase, projects often organize retroactive events or airdrops to thank contributors and encourage users to engage with their products.

To easily find projects conducting testnets with substantial user participation, you can search for keywords like “testnet” or the hashtag “#testnet” on Twitter. Twitter is the primary platform for projects to update and announce their latest news and developments to the community.

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Too Many Airdrop Opportunities? Prioritizing Projects

Fewer Participants, More Gains

The fewer people participating, the more you can potentially earn. When fewer people are aware of an airdrop, competition is lower, and your potential rewards can be higher. However, keep in mind that it’s essential to assess the project’s potential. On the other hand, don’t disregard projects that are well-known, as they may have strict criteria for rewarding high-quality users.

To check the project’s visibility, you can examine their number of Twitter followers and the engagement on their giveaway tweet.

More Complex Tasks, More Rewards

When many people participate in a project’s testnet or mainnet, there can be cases where the project requires various steps and actions. Many users may find these tasks daunting, providing an opportunity for those who are willing to put in the effort. Engaging with the product not only increases your chances of receiving an airdrop but also enhances your experience in the market.

An excellent example of this is the airdrop by the dydx exchange in the past. To qualify for the airdrop, users had to deposit assets on Starkware’s Layer 2 and conduct a certain volume of trades. The result was an airdrop worth $14,000, a substantial reward for the effort invested.

Focus on a Few Projects

Rather than participating in many airdrops simultaneously, fully experience a project’s product. Test all its features and perform various actions.

Airdrop requirements are becoming more challenging, with projects favoring genuine users over casual participants. In particular, thorough product exploration can provide you with valuable experience and potentially reveal hidden gems for the future.

Mental Preparation – An Essential Step Before Starting Airdrops

Mental Preparation

Maintaining patience is an important experience in airdrop hunting that we want to share with you. It helps you interact consistently, plan your engagement with projects, and avoid giving up halfway due to boredom or prolonged efforts without immediate results.

Alongside patience, adopt a relaxed attitude. Don’t place too much importance on airdrops; if you receive one, it’s a bonus, and if not, you’ve gained insights into the project’s ecosystem.

Facing Risks

Crypto is a relatively new space, and high profits come with high risks. Being mentally prepared means accepting these risks, especially with projects that have mainnets and require asset deposits. Only allocate a small portion of your capital, so even in the event of an attack or rug-pull, you can comfortably explore other opportunities.

Balancing Act

The key is knowing your limits and wisely allocating your time, effort, and resources. If one opportunity doesn’t pan out, there are plenty more to explore. The only concern is ensuring you have enough time to seize them.


Today, more people are participating in airdrops than ever before. Some individuals dedicate their full-time efforts to airdrops, and there are even companies specializing in this field. Meanwhile, projects are evolving and setting stricter criteria for airdrops. Therefore, receiving airdrops from current projects is not straightforward. You must become a genuine, quality user, and each airdrop opportunity should be approached diligently. We hope that the experience in airdrop hunting provided by AZC News will help you efficiently hunt for airdrops and retroactively benefit from them.


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