AZcoiner Partners with U2U Network: Integrates U2U Network and Participates in U2U Airdrop Event

AZCoiner has announced that it has integrated U2U Chain into its ecosystem. This is a major step for both parties to soon become leading platforms in the cryptocurrency field.

Azcoiner Partners With U2u Network

AZCoiner – one of the leading SuperApps in the cryptocurrency market – has announced that it has integrated U2U Chain into its ecosystem. However, it is currently in the Testnet phase.

This is seen as a powerful collaborative step and a turning point between the two parties, aiming to bring new experiences and utilities to the user community.

U2U Chain is an advanced blockchain platform, built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and utilizing modern Zero Knowledge technology. This enables U2U Chain to enhance its strength, security, and ensure high privacy for users. With its outstanding advantages, U2U Chain promises to deliver novel and safer experiences in the Web3 world.

Moreover, U2U Chain has also developed the U2U Wallet – a feature-rich super app that allows users to easily access and harness the potential of Web3. This application provides valuable utilities while integrating advanced security solutions at a low cost, ensuring the safest protection of users’ assets.

The collaboration between AZCoiner and U2U Chain is expected to bring many benefits to the user communities of both parties. By supporting cryptocurrency projects such as U2U, AZCoiner will provide users with a safer and more efficient option to store and protect their assets in the Web3 world.

Currently, U2U Chain is organizing a large airdrop program for participants who support the development of this platform.

Steps to Participate in U2U Network Airdrop (Solar Adventure 2.0)

Step 1: Navigate to Galxe and complete all social media tasks.

Steps to Participate in U2U Network Airdrop (Solar Adventure 2.0)

Step 2: Go to U2Quest, connect your wallet, and complete all available quests.

U2 Quest

Step 3: Request the exclusive NFT after completing all product quests.

Note: Be sure to complete the tasks on Galxe before proceeding to U2Quest!

Additionally, daily tasks and referral tasks will be updated soon! Completing these tasks will not only accumulate points for airdrop eligibility but also increase your chances of owning exclusive NFTs at the end of the Solar Adventure 2.0 event.

Stay tuned with us or U2U Network for updates to enhance your opportunities for both the airdrop and exclusive NFT rewards!

– If you participate in tasks on galxe and are not confirmed, it could be due to the following 2 reasons:
1. You are using Proxy/VPN. Please turn off Proxy/VPN and try again.
2. Due to Galxe’s API delay, please check again after a few hours.


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