The Layer3 platform is currently hosting a reward program where participants can earn rewards by completing tasks, surveys, and quizzes. Find out more details here!

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Layer3 is an interactive exploration platform that makes learning about cryptocurrency exciting, engaging, and rewarding. This platform has guided over 800,000 explorers to carry out more than 27 million on-chain actions.

Layer3 is giving away free CUBEs for completing tasks, surveys, and quizzes. The reward program will end in 45 days, and users can collect CUBEs based on the number of tasks completed. Once you accumulate 100 CUBEs, a pop-up window will confirm your eligibility. The team has also hinted at the upcoming launch of $L3, suggesting that they may introduce their token soon. Additionally, you can invite your friends to participate and receive free ETH for each task they complete.

Guide to Participate in Layer3 Airdrop

Step 1. Visit the Layer3 website and register an account using your cryptocurrency wallet.

Interface Layer3
Interface Layer3

Step 2. Click on “Quests” and complete tasks, quizzes, and surveys to earn points and free CUBEs.

Step 3. Try to complete as many tasks as possible to accumulate over 100 CUBE.

Step 4. A pop-up window will confirm your eligibility upon reaching 100 CUBE.

Step 5. Don’t forget to claim your CUBEs to maximize your rewards.

Step 6. Invite friends to join and receive free ETH for each task they complete.

Layer3 offers a fantastic opportunity for you to not only explore the world of cryptocurrency but also earn valuable tokens. Take advantage of this attractive program before the deadline, and stay tuned for exciting news about their upcoming token release!

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