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The Layer 1 blockchain Elys Network has recently launched an Airdrop program for participants in the Testnet experience. Read more details here!

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Elys is a fast Layer 1 blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK and is the first and only decentralized finance (DeFi) application within the Cosmos ecosystem with many unique features. The Elys Network platform includes a web application with integrated abstract account features to support quick registration, fiat currency deposit/withdrawal services, IBC connectivity, and EVM integration.

Elys Network has confirmed the launch of the governance token “ELYS” and will conduct an airdrop for participants in the testnet. To participate, you must register for the testnet, receive a faucet, engage in token exchange, and stake tokens.

Guide to Participating in the Elys Network Airdrop

Step 1: Visit the Elys Network testnet page.

Step 2: Register using social media or a Cosmos wallet such as Keplr.

Step 1 Elys Network

Step 3: Click on “Deposit” and receive testnet tokens.

Step 4: Go to the “Swap” section and exchange tokens.

Step 5: Also, visit the “Earn” section and stake tokens.

Earn Stake
Earn Stake

Step 6: Complete tasks on BonusBlock.

Step 7: They have confirmed the launch of the “ELYS” token and will airdrop it to participants actively engaging in the testnet.

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