0G Labs Airdrop

Recently, 0G Labs successfully raised $35 million from various major investors. Currently, they are organizing a point-earning program on Galxe, promising future airdrops. Read more details here!

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0G is a Flexible Modular AI Chain with a scalable and programmable Data Availability (DA) layer designed specifically for AI applications. Its modular technology enables robust interaction between chains, ensuring security, eliminating fragmentation, and maximizing connectivity.

Recently, 0G labs successfully raised $35 million from major investors such as Hack VC, OKX Ventures, GSR, Animoca Brands, Arca, NGC Ventures, DWF Labs, Foresight Ventures, gumi Cryptos Capital, and Dispersion Capital.

Raises 0g Labs

Currently, the project is carrying out some tasks on Galxe, so join early to have the opportunity to receive future airdrops from the project.

How to participate in the 0G Labs Airdrop

Step 1. Visit: Link

Step 2. Visit: Link

Step 3. Complete the tasks on Galxe.

Follow the project and us for the latest and most accurate updates.

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